2 fundamentals for a good website

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Textboxes are areas where text is located on a webpage.

This is a container to store your text.

You can have different shapes of textboxes on a page, use serveral columns or squares to organise your layout.

Use different text styles, size, fonts, colours etc.

Use coloured backgrounds for your text area.


You can have your text as ‘BOLD’

You can have your text ‘Centered’

Your text can be to the ‘Left’

Your text can be positioned to the ‘right’

Your text can also be ‘justified’ if you want.

Textboxes are used to organise and sort your text layout on your page for you.

Different borders around your textbox area can change how your page looks.

Highlight a textbox area to show it off.

You don’t have to have a border around a textbox area.

You don’t have to have a different colour background from your page background.

Use textboxes to place your text where you would like on your webpage.

Textboxes are the areas where text is held.

You can have Lines/Borders around the area, shaded or coloured backgrounds.