Website Getting Started Checklist Just do what you're comfortable with.
Basically decide what you are after:
Have a look around other websites, see what you like and what you don't
Supply all you can for your website, only what you're happy to, I'll sort all the rest
Website Page names -  Page Titles Home - About Us - Products - Links
    Services, how many, page for each?
  Contact Us  -  Location - (+Google Map)
  How many pages, and page size/s.
Can you view pages without scrolling
Layout - Style
Keywords Your Industry Keywords Your message  -  Work into your pages.
Research and use all your KEYWORDS
Page Content (Information)  'Copy' for each page Text - Wording
Any images for each page & their position
You thoughts for layout Home page First impression  -  Clear Info
Message - Links Tell them what you're about
Let them know what you can do for them
Header & or Footer All pages the same or some just with headers  -  Do you have a preference?
Pictures, images, logo Supply for website Detail position and page/s
Business card Could be used as footer Page/s size - Sliders - Gallery
Thumbnails - Lightboxes
List number of images for website
List description for each image, rename if need be.
Navigation Bar Style - size - position Location   -   shape   -   sub-menus
Text Font - type - size/s Columns 1, 2, 3, or more
Colours Site - page background - text - text boxes - headers - panels
Navigation buttons (Background, Hover & Down positions)
Forms Detail list of fields Contact form
Mandatory Fields Survey form - Questionnaires
Extras Anything else you require - Let me know what you would like in YOUR website  
Do you require? Hosting Storage space
Domain Name Bandwidth - traffic
PHP - (required)
Email accounts - (number of)
Mail Forwarding
Timeline How soon do you require your site up & running
More Info
Get all your ideas together, the more you have ready, the quicker the website comes together.
Separate page of ‘copy’ for each webpage, note any special requests, include images,
photos required and where for website.
Write content for each page; try not to be too repetitive. Each page should be different with
diverse information and specifics .  Use your Keywords in your content.  Making a page for each
service gives search engines multiple entry points to your site.  Tell people what problems you
can solve for them; advise the potential customer that you can solve their problems.
You have what they are after.  Do you have any pamphlets, brochures, list FAQ.
What search terms would customers type into 'search engines' to find you.
Keep pages ‘easy to read’ – Keep sentences simple and relevant to your page subject.
Utilising links to help potential customers navigate around your website can help them to find
what they are after and get there faster.
About page:  Name, photo, history, qualifications, interests.  Tell them your history (and your
people), let them know what problems you can solve, how you can help, let visitors know you’re
human so they connect with you.  Keep it interesting, not too long (you want them to read the
whole page/story).
Think about what you like/dislike in a website and plan accordingly.
Other items of consideration should be Headers and Footers for pages, photos if required
including placement and size.  Text colour, style, size/s and use of paragraph headers.
Site background, page background, text box backgrounds, choose colours that work together.
As always,  logical flow of information is required, think about the message you want to tell,
set the structure, divide into webpages (and links if a large site otherwise Navigation menu will do.)
Many people fail to plan their website. You need to have an idea of what you require and collect
all the information for your website to get the best and quickest result.
How often do you want to have your website updated.
Updatable pages:  You can have either 'WORD" or 'EXCEL' pages saved as pdf or .htm pages to
continuely change and keep your website fresh and uptodate.
When you're ready, contact me, then send in your 'Copy', images, instructions.
Peter Bluett
0466 972 703