2 fundamentals for a good website

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Your website layout can be done from scratch as per your instructions.

Sample Templates can be adjusted to suit you.

Click an image to open up the Sample Template Sites .

NOTE: Template Samples aren’t fully finished off.

There are approximately 6 - 8 pages per Template Site.

We can add or remove pages to suit your layout.

Templates can have different colour schemes applied if required.

All text boxes and images can have layout adjustments or just “mix and match”.

Template 2

Template Site Examples - Will open in a NEW WINDOW just close new window when finished.

Look through these Template Websites to get an

idea of what you would like for YOUR website.

Look at Page Sizes, Layouts, Colours, Navigation Menu,

Use of Pictures, Sliders, Style of Text Boxes, Columns etc.

Take ideas from  these samples and from elsewhere

to gain an idea of the website you would like.